Prison drug and alcohol services

We opened the first intensive abstinence-based treatment programme in a UK prison at HMP Downview in 1992, and our drug and alcohol programmes were the first to be independently accredited for reducing re-offending by the Ministry of Justice. Peer reviewed research into the original ‘RAPt’ 12 step treatment programme, showed a 65% reduction in the volume of crime committed by RAPt programme graduates, compared to a comparison group completing less intensive drug treatment programmes. To retain the strong association with this success, and the connections with 12 step fellowships and our own graduate community, we continue to use the name RAPt to describe any of our intensive abstinence-based prison programmes. Since 1999, we have expanded the range of drug and alcohol services we provide in prison – to include advice, health and wellbeing, motivational work, clinical services, and a wider range of group work programmes – and have become national leaders in the management of these complex services in the unique environment of a prison.