Closing the employment gaps

What can employers do to support ex-offenders and people in recovery into work? Find out in our new white paper

Our Impact

The original ‘Rapt’ 12 step treatment programme, showed a 65% reduction in the volume of crime committed by programme graduates, compared to a comparison group completing less intensive programmes.
For every 100 people completing Forward's 'Rapt' programmes an estimated £6.3 million is saved through reduced crime and re sentencing costs
The 'Blue Sky' employment model reduces re-offending by up to 23%
What we Do

We are The Forward Trust (formerly RAPt and Blue Sky), the social business with charitable status that empowers people to break the often interlinked cycles of crime and addiction to move forward with their lives. For more than 25 years we have been working with people to build positive and productive lives, whatever their past. We believe that anyone is capable of lasting change. Our services have supported thousands of people to make positive changes and build productive lives with a job, family, friends and a sense of community.
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It is encouraging to learn how organisations like Forward are offering specialist support to help people break the cycle of addiction and look forward to a positive life.
- HRH, the Duchess of Cambridge on visiting HMP Send
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