Website Privacy Notice

This privacy notice provides you with information on how we collect, process and protect your personal data through your use of our site.

The Forward Trust (which includes Forward Trust Services, BlueSky Services, Vision Housing Services and the Forward Trust Enterprise Fund) are the data controllers and as such we are responsible for your personal data (referred to “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice).

This notice explains what to expect when we collect personal information. It applies to information we collect about:

  1. Visitors to our website
  2. Complainants and other individuals in relation to a data protection or freedom of information complaint or enquiry
  3. People who use Forward Trust services (as listed above)
  4. People who make applications to the Forward Enterprise Fund


  1. Visitors to our website

When someone visits we collect internet log information and details of visitors behaviour. This is to enable us to find out things such as the number of visitors to our site and what areas are of interest to people. When collecting this information we do not gather any ways to identify anyone. We do not attempt to find out the identities of those visiting. We will not associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifying information from any source.

If we want to collect personally identifiable information through our website, we will make sure that you are fully aware of this when we ask for your information and we will explain what we intend to do with it.

Use of cookies by Forward Trust  

Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer when you visit certain websites. We use cookies to help parts of our website to work properly and to help us make improvements by measuring things like number of visitors we have and if they have visited before. The cookies do not give us access to any personal data.

When you first visit our site, we will ask you to either agree to our use of cookies or block them in your browser. If you change your mind you can still block them at a later time.

Search engines:

Search queries and results are logged anonymously to help us improve our website and search functionality. No user-specific data is collected by either Forward Trust or a third party.

Security and performance

Forward Trust uses a third party service to help maintain the security and performance of the Forward Trust website. To deliver this service it processes the IP addresses of visitors to the Forward Trust website.

People who email us

Any email sent to us, including any attachments, might be monitored and used by us for reasons of security and for monitoring compliance with office policy. Email monitoring or blocking software may also be used. Please be aware that you have a responsibility to ensure that any email you send to us is within the bounds of the law.

  1. Complaints and other individuals in relation to a data protection or freedom of information complaint or enquiry

When we receive a complaint we create a file containing the details of the complaint. This normally contains the identity of the complainant and any other individuals involved. We will only use the personal information to investigate the complaint. Under normal circumstances we have to disclose the complainant’s identity to whoever the complaint is about. If a complainant doesn’t want information identifying him or her to be disclosed, we will try to respect that. Although, it may not be possible to handle a complaint on an anonymous basis.

  1. People who use Forward Trust services

It is necessary for us to process the information of people who have requested our services in order to provide it. We will ask for consent to process this information and only use the information for which the person has agreed too. This information is covered by data protection principles (including GDPR) and compliance to Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) standards.

For those who use our prison based services we will hold records for 6 years from release date or 2 years from date of death. If the individual is serving a life or ISPP sentence, records are retained for 99 years from date of last contact. For those using community services we will hold records for 5 years from date of last contact or 2 years from date of death. Lastly, in relation to clinical files we will retain these for 20 years from date of last contact, 8 years from date of death. After this time files will be deleted or destroyed.

  1. Applications made for The Forward Trust Enterprise Fund:

For a more detailed description on how Forward Trust process information in relation to the Forward Trust Enterprise Fund please see:

Service providers reporting a breach:

We are required to consider reporting serious security breaches to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). We use the ICO process in order to do this. In relation to all breaches we use the information to inform the actions we need to undertake.

In line with our retention policy we retain logs and breach reports for 10 years unless there is regulatory actions being taken. All information is stored securely and access is restricted according to the ‘need to know’ principle.

Access to personal information

If you want to know what personal information of yours that we have you can find out by making a ‘subject access request’ under the Data Protection Act 2018. If we do hold information about you we will:

  • give you a description of it;
  • tell you why we are holding it;
  • tell you who it could be disclosed to; and
  • let you have a copy of the relevant information requested in an intelligible form.

To make such a request you will need to put the request in writing to the contact details below.

What to do if your data is incorrect:

Once you have given us your data you have the right to remove it, correct it or change your mind about what you have consented to. Please contact us using the contact details below in order to do this.

Data Protection complaints or queries:

We take any complaints we receive about this very seriously. We want to hear from people feel that our collection or use of information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate. In this notice we have tried to make things as clear and as simple as possible but it does not provide an exhaustive list or all of the detail of our collection/processing of personal data. If more information is needed please contact us via: or write to us at:

Governance and Quality Assurance Department,

The Forward Trust
Unit 106-7, Edinburgh House
170 Kennington Lane
London SE11 5DP