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Join our friendly community of current and former clients, graduates and volunteers!

When you’re on the way to making big changes in your life, you don’t have to do it alone. Our Forward Connect community gives you the opportunity to meet, socialise and stay in touch with others like you who understand what you’re going through. And because it’s peer-led, you can take as active a role in leading and shaping the community as you want! So get involved to both receive support as well as lend others a helping hand when they need it.


Who it’s for

Forward Connect is for people making progress through any of our develop pathways in Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Employment, Housing, Mental Health (IAPT and Health and Wellbeing) and/or family services. Membership is also for Peer Supporters and Mentors, Volunteers and Trainees/Apprentices.

If you are on a drug and alcohol pathway you do need to be on an identified recovery pathway with a goal of abstinence in order to be eligible for Forward Connect. Please check in with your Forward worker for further information on this prior to referring.


Forward Connect offers:

Peer support through regular peer-led meetings, social events and graduate celebrations.

Invitations to Forward’s annual graduate reunions in London and Hull.

Access to information from Forward, including our graduate magazine The Journey, as well as updates on new services.

Signposting to other local services to support your recovery.

Support for setting up your own local Forward Connect network.


Speaking at the reunion was nerve racking to begin with and then after a bit I realised there was nothing to worry about and that I was amongst friends and love.
- Jamie

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